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Rest assured if our securities law firm chooses to work with you, it is because we see a big light at the end of the tunnel. It is important that you regularly monitor your account for broker misconduct. If you have suffered significant losses on your investments, our attorneys can review the trading history of your account to determine if investment fraud may have occurred.

Stock Loss Lawyer

What may be considered a proper and acceptable level of trading in an account for a sophisticated, risk-taking investor may be deemed wrongful for a risk-averse retiree. Excessive trading is measured against the specific investment objectives of the particular investor. “Churning” takes place when a broker engages in excessive buying and selling of securities in a client’s account in order to generate commissions for the broker. Excessive trading that is inconsistent with the goals and financial position of the investor is evidence of churning. If you have not received your settlement within this timeframe, your lawyer can take legal action to obtain the compensation you are owed.

A broker is an individual that arranges a contract between a buyer and seller in return for a commission. Brokers coordinate contracts for property that they do not possess and do not have a personal interest. The property can be real estate, mortgages, insurance, stocks, bonds, and commodities. The most common types of brokers are securities brokers, commodities brokers, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, and insurance brokers. Regardless of a brokers’ specialty, he or she must adhere to moral and financial legalities or risk committing broker fraud.

How long does a securities class action usually take to settle or resolve?

Frank LLP’s attorneys have years of experience and an impressive track record representing plaintiffs in such individual and class actions. Essentially, when we take on your case, we become your partner in recovering damages. Because the contingency-fee model aligns the financial interests of the client and attorneys, our only incentive is to obtain the highest possible recovery in your case. The penalties are often disguised in complex agreement language or through deceitful sales tactics. Like traditional debt, preferred stocks carry preference over common stock for dividend payments and bankruptcy proceedings.

Unauthorized Trading

Typically, a settlement consists of a payment of cash, stock, or combination of both to a common fund to be distributed to the class in proportion to the amount each class member is determined to have lost. The maximum possible recovery, which rarely is attained, is the amount of loss attributable to the illegal conduct, less attorneys’ fee and costs. The class period typically is the time frame during which it is believed that alleged fraud or other securities law violations artificially inflated the price of the stock at issue in the case. Only persons who purchased stock during this period are included in the class action suit. Coinbase Stock Loss Lawyer is determined by plaintiffs’ counsel after extensive research and investigation. Sometimes the class period changes during the course of litigation as additional information is uncovered during the discovery process.

Broker Misconduct Lawyers

Again, there are laws surrounding fair treatment of complaints made against brokers. Brokers facing lawsuits will always have the same objective of avoiding – even evading – their liabilities. When you sue your broker, you can expect him/her to deny everything.

If you have lost money due to the wrongful, fraudulent, or negligent actions of the broker or advisor entrusted to handle your investments, Robert Pearce can help you through the process of seeking the recovery you deserve. Variable annuities are often recommended by investment advisors and brokers as a secure element of your retirement plan. Yet they are not suitable for many consumers, particularly elderly investors, and are sometimes sold against clients’ best interests. Annuities pay some of the highest commissions in the securities markets, the annual costs can exceed 3%, and there are very high penalties for liquidating. FINRA requires the broker-dealer to perform what is known as a customer-specific suitability analysis before any recommendations are made. All recommendations and investment advice, including trading strategies, must be in an investor’s best interest and suitable for their investment objectives.

Our attorneys have the securities arbitration experience you need. For example, over the last several years, our attorneys have helped recover millions in damages on behalf of individual investors who lost their life savings due to faulty investment advice given to them by well-known brokerage firms. The investment fraud attorneys of Erez Law have the depth, resources, and personnel that other securities fraud law firms – both large and small – don’t possess.

3 months later when no other lawyer would listen they got me mid 6 figures. Great negotiator as I would have taken the first offer and they got me double. They are smart, down to earth guys that don’t talk down to you unlike other lawyers. There are numerous reasons why an SRO or governmental agency determines to initiate a regulatory inquiry. The inquiry could begin with the receipt of a letter requesting the production of customer records for one client or trading records for one particular stock.

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